Pull Up to My Bumper, Baby

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// I'm not living, I'm just killing time.
// More Aladdin Sane than Ziggy Stardust.
// (you are always and completely forgiven)

"Claiming there is no other life in the universe is like scooping up some water, looking at the cup and claiming there are no whales in the ocean."

Neil deGrasse Tyson in response to “Aliens can’t exist because we haven’t found them yet” (via we-are-star-stuff)

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"My soul is impatient with itself, as with a bothersome child; its restlessness keeps growing and is forever the same. Everything interests me, but nothing holds me."

Fernando Pessoa, The Book of Disquiet (via wordsnquotes)
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They Live (1988)John Carpenter
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Abstrait Parka: “Time is the only enemy.”