5.15 The Angels Have Gone

// Nikolas / 18 / Oregon / I've Always Been A Storm
// I'm not living, I'm just killing time.
// More Aladdin Sane than Ziggy Stardust.
// (you are always and completely forgiven)

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"I had one dream that was very vivid. We were driving the rover up to the north, you didn’t feel like you were out there. It was untouched, the serenity of it had a pristine purity about it. We crossed a hill, I felt ‘gosh, we’ve been here before’. There was a set of tracks in front of us, we asked Houston if we could follow the tracks and they said ‘yes’. So we turned and followed the tracks. It went on for about an hour or so and we found this vehicle, it looked just like the rover with two people in it and they looked just like me and John. They’d been there for thousands of years."

Astronaut Charles Duke of Apollo 16 describing a dream he had on the Moon in 1972.
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at 144 years, this wisteria tree is the oldest in japan


"People get tired of your sadness"

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The little ways Stephen wins at twitter.